Patents Made Simple.

If someone else comes up with the same invention as yours they can validly apply to register a patent. Make sure that you get there first!

Sometimes early stage startups file a provisional patent application as the first stage in protecting their inventions. Investors will want to know that when they invest money in your business it will be investment in a business that can exclude others from copying its inventions. Your priority rights for each specific invention begin on the day that you file a provisional patent application. Make sure to get in early.

We have decades of experience, a multidisciplinary team working with colleagues across multiple continents supporting the patenting process. When you work with us you will get a professional team who really knows the business and will assist you each step of the way with a smile.

Protect Your Brand With a Trademark.

Every business needs to protect their brand with a trademark.

With a trademark you can confidently build your brand knowing that no one else can use your business name, product names or creative assets.

We Speak American.

It’s not enough to speak English when filing a patent application in the United States. You need to speak American.

As a startup, your primary market is almost certainly the United States. You need a high quality patent, as quickly as possible, and at reasonable cost. You need experts that not only know the ins and outs of the American patent system, but know your patent application, and will speak to the Examiner on your behalf. Our US Patent Attorneys and Agents will not only draft your application based on face to face discussions with you, but they will also directly file your application in the US, and pick up the phone to the Examiner when necessary. These conversations help to convey to the Examiner exactly what your invention is, how it is different from prior art, and why you should receive a patent. This results in higher quality patents more quickly, and at lower cost to you.

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