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  • The Beck Science Building
    8 Hartom Street, Har Hotzvim
    Jerusalem, Israel 9777508

  • Tel: +972-2-571-4777

    Fax: +972-2-571-4455
    WeChat: JeremyBen-David, 972544362140


  • Sunday-Thursday for Israel and US filings
    06.30-16.30 GMT 08.30-18.30 Israel Standard Time

    15.30-01.30 Japan

  • On Friday for US matters only

    06.30-13.00 GMT 08.30-15.00 Israel Standard Time

    15.30-22.00 Japan

    US Hotline phone: +1-503-895-0105
    US Hotline Fax: +1-646-586-3111

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