JERUSALEM, Israel — JMB Davis Ben-David (“JMB”), a Jerusalem-based IP law firm, announces the launch of an initiative designed to make patents more affordable to emerging startups. Through its Startup SpringboardTM Program, JMB will offer qualifying startups significant subsidies towards basic patent-related services, including patentability searches and patent application preparation, at a fraction of the industry-standard costs. In addition, participants will have access to JMB’s worldwide network of professionals, to whom they will have the ability to showcase their innovations and plans for expansion.

The initiative was originally developed by the head of JMB’s US division head, Dr. Mike Hammer. Dr. Hammer believes that in today’s competitive startup environment, startups face a barrier to entry in the form of a lack of funds for taking the initial steps to secure their inventions through patents. In addition, he felt that some startups were not even aware of the value of patenting their inventions until they approached investors and discovered that they were missing a large piece of the puzzle. “It doesn’t matter whether you are pro-patent or anti-patent, the reality is that startups that do not have a patent pending or a clear path to owning or licensing intellectual property are less attractive to potential investors. Sometimes, new entrepreneurs don’t even realize how important owning intellectual property can be to investors until after they present their company to potential investors,” said Dr. Hammer.

In an article discussing the importance of intellectual property on investments, Mario W. Cardullo, writing for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), stresses the importance of intellectual property with regard to securing venture capital funding. In his WIPO piece, Cardullo writes “Intellectual property provided the basis for investors to place their resources at risk. Intellectual property is an integral part of value creation in a technology-based enterprise and as such is a critical element in obtaining venture capital for SMEs. The appropriate use of the intellectual property system is a powerful tool for competition, stability and mitigation of risks on capital investments.

Jeremy Ben-David, the Managing Partner at JMB Davis Ben-David added, “We believe that through the Startup SpringboardTM Program, we can give back to our community and, in addition, contribute to the success of emerging startups. I’m happy that we are in a position to offer this program and look forward to meeting Israel’s best and brightest in the process.”


About JMB Davis Ben-David:

Since 1995, JMB has been assisting both emerging startups and established companies in all areas of technology, in registering and enforcing patents, designs and trademarks in Israel, the US, China,  Europe and dozens of other markets around the World. For questions, comments and for more information relating to intellectual property services, please send an email to


The Startup Springboard Program:

The Startup Springboard Program, an initiative created and funded by JMB, offers significant heavily subsidized intellectual property services to emerging startups. In addition to intellectual property services, participants in the program are given access to JMB Davis Ben-David’s network of professionals from around the world. This professional network includes qualified investors, business and  legal professionals. To apply for the program, or for more information, please visit the Startup Springboard Program’s webpage at



Jeremy Ben-David, Managing Partner

Mike Hammer, Partner

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