Good news for inventors and patent applicants with COVID-19 related inventions: The Israel Patent Office has just released a notice saying that anyone with an invention for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of COVID-19 can request accelerated examination of their patent application using the “Green Application” protocol and will benefit from examination starting within 3 months of approval of the request. Filing the request with the Israel Patent Office is free of charge, and JMB Davis Ben-David will also file the request free of charge. The request is submitted by simply filing a letter explaining the connection between the invention described in the patent application and COVID-19.

Who Can Apply? This is an excellent opportunity for applicants the world over to benefit from a quick procedure for searching and – potentially – allowance of their Israel patent application.

Useful for Getting on the PPH If the applicant is interested in worldwide patent coverage in jurisdictions outside of Israel, this procedure can be used to obtain a quick allowance in Israel, and  the PPH (“Patent Prosecution Highway”)  may then be used in many other jurisdictions to obtain corresponding patents quickly in other jurisdictions.

If you have a COVID-19 related invention or patent application, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help!

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