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Q: How can JMB Davis Ben-David practitioners directly represent clients before the USPTO?

A: The US Patent Rules describe who may represent an Applicant before the USPTO at 37 CFR §1.31, §1.32, §11.6, and §11.10. Under the Rules, as long as a practitioner is a US Citizen and registered to practice before the USPTO, there is no geographic restriction on “where” a registered practitioner must be located. At JMB Davis Ben-David, our US team includes the following: Department Head: Dr. Mike Hammer (Reg. No. 59258), Ms. Dodiva Grant (Reg. No. 50384), Mr. Eviatar Aron (Reg. No. 68894), Mr. Avraham Hermon (Reg. No. 53017), and Mrs. Miriam Samis (Reg. No. 77491).

Q: How does JMB Davis Ben-David receive communications from the USPTO? 

A: We receive e-mail notification of all new Official correspondence placed in every application for which we have Power of Attorney and which is filed using the firm’s USPTO-designated customer number. Paper documents, such as issued patents, are sent directly to our office.

Q: How does JMB Davis Ben-David conduct Examiner interviews? 

A: Examiner interviews are conducted over the phone. As most Examiners work from home offices, it is more convenient for them to discuss cases with us over the phone, rather than have to travel in to the Patent Office premises for a formal, face to face interview. We have found that in an often more relaxed atmosphere of a phone conference, Examiners are generally agreeable to hearing our point of view, leading to rapid progress during examination.

Q: Where can we see sample US Patents obtained by JMB Davis Ben-David practitioners?

A: JMB Davis Ben-David has directly prosecuted and obtained registration of hundreds of US patents for its clients since 2013. These can be seen by clicking here.