IP Gateway
Located between East and West, on the doorstep of Europe and in the hub of Israel, the Start-Up Nation, JMB Davis Ben-David is an IP boutique specializing in intellectual property rights in the United States and Israel.

Our professionals embody a unique combination of outstanding academic qualifications from institutions of higher learning in the US, UK and Israel; professional and legal qualifications from the US and Israel; English as a mother tongue; and long term residence in Israel.

As the robust Israeli economy continues to develop leading solutions in healthcare and hi-tech, and to foster a growing number of businesses dedicated to bringing these advances to the world market, global businesses from the US, China, Europe and India are increasing their investment in the intellectual and human resources that Israel has to offer. They are also establishing research and development facilities, joint ventures and incubators in Israel.

In today’s shrinking digital world, the significance of physical location has changed. In the past, a US attorney had to be located in the US to act before the USPTO. The only way to remain fully conversant with changing US case law was with a physical presence in that jurisdiction. This is no longer the case.

US patent and trademark applications are now filed online. USPTO notices are received and responses are submitted by email. As most US examiners spend most of their time working from home, most interviews no longer require travel to the Patent Office. Interviews can now be conducted by phone. This reduces the costly time spent by the attorney on travel and increases the immediacy of an interview. Most important, these changes produce the desired results quicker and more cost-effectively.

As a result, our Israeli and European clients benefit from top quality services provided in real time by our US and Israel patent attorneys. We also serve our clients and associates in the Far East during their business days, at times convenient to them. And this is all done at Israeli rates.

Because of our proven abilities over almost 20 years, we have become the US and Israel Patent and Trademark Attorneys of choice for many local companies and universities, as well as world players in the fields of healthcare, computer technologies, luxury items, electric devices and footwear.

We are your IP Gateway to the US and Israel.